If you are struggling with an addiction of some sort you are probably experiencing some very uncomfortable feelings. Sufferers often wrestle with urges, compulsive thoughts, guilt and self loathing. Maybe, just maybe, I have some very good news for you.

The mainstream model of addiction sees the addict as suffering from a disease. The sufferer is seen as flawed in some way. Many models of treatment say that the addict will remain an addict for the rest of their life and encourage dwelling on the past and repeating tales of their worst experiences of addiction.

Whilst this kind of approach can be helpful for some, relapse is very common and sufferers often feel pretty lousy about themselves even when abstaining. I look at things very differently based on the latest understandings of neuroscience and brain function.

What if the ‘addiction’ is simply the result of the behaviour becoming hard-wired into the brain through repetition? What if it means nothing about your personal worth or moral fibre? What if it were possible to over-write the addictive pathways in the brain using methods based on cutting-edge science and the latest understanding of the brain? What if it isn’t necessary to dwell on the past and dredge up everything bad you’ve done in order to recover? What if you already have the innate wellbeing within you that you have been seeking through your addictive behaviours or compulsive activities? The whole issue would look very different, wouldn’t it?

Whether your problem is alcohol, drugs, gambling, compulsive shopping or any other kind of addiction the principles I apply in treatment remain the same and are very effective.

It does require a commitment on your part and a willingness to see things differently. I will guide and support you through the process but I won’t carry you. If you would like to have a relaxed, informal chat about how I can help please feel free to give me a call.

Individual results vary from person to person.