Hypnotherapy for smoking

Hypnotherapy to stop smokingHypnotherapy is research proven to be among the most effective methods to stop smoking.  I use a unique method combining hypnotherapy with a special psychological technique called cognitive reframing which makes it even more powerful than conventional hypnotherapy.  A recent research study using this technique  demonstrated an amazing success rate of over 90%, much superior to other methods such as willpower and NRT(Nicotine Replacement Therapy).

For some people, stopping smoking seems an impossible task. They have tried everything, from acupuncture to patches, and nothing works. However, these are the people that we see all the time in our hypnotherapy for smoking programme. For some reason they try everything else first, yet clinical research shows that hypnotherapy for smoking is the most effective way to stop smoking.

Hypnotherapy for smoking – Why is it so successful?

The reason our unique hypnotherapy for smoking programme is so successful is that we address the underlying beliefs that support your smoking behaviour. By targeting these inappropriate beliefs that you have about smoking, we can help you to change your complete outlook towards smoking. You probably believe that you are addicted to nicotine or that it’s a habit. All the time you have beliefs like this it makes it very difficult to stop. By using hypnotherapy for smoking, we clear these fictitious beliefs and help you to create new, more appropriate, beliefs and ideas about smoking and your health. We don’t use any scare tactics, you already know the dangers of smoking, but instead challenge your beliefs about it so that you can see it in a new light and stop smoking. This is what we do within our hypnotherapy for smoking programme.
Hypnotherapy for Smoking healthy life

Hypnotherapy for smoking – Create a new healthy lifestyle

Hypnotherapy for smoking is about creating a new lifestyle. Smoking pervades every aspect of your life and when you stop smoking you need to create new habits and behaviours that do not involve smoking. We often hear clients say that they normally start smoking again when they have been drinking, in a crisis, or when they are angry or upset. It is these situations that you need new strategies or behaviours, to help you cope with these situations in a more appropriate way and not return to smoking. Hypnotherapy for smoking can really help you become a happy healthy non-smoker.

Individual results vary from person to person.